Dragons' Trust


The Helath Forest

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City of Trevinni

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Helath Forest
A large forest. At one time people would attempt to travel through the forest on foot. This was costly and dangerous. So most people went around, which took longer and was still expensive but it was less of a risk. When dragon flyers were invented people started to fly over the forest. This takes less time and is cheaper then travelling around it for people and small cargo. Large and delicate cargo is still transported around the forest on the ground.
Hodine River
A river whose source is in the Thromic mountains. The river flows South West until reaching the elevated plains to the West of the Helath forest. The river then turns and flows East through the Helath forest. There is evidence that the course of the river was once different, that it continued South West and never entered the Helath forest. Scholars do not agree on what caused the river to change its course.
A city near the coastal region. It is along a major trade route and so enjoys a lot of prosperity.
A small village near the eastern edge of the Helath forest near the mountains. The people who live there are simple and very poor.
Thormic Mountains
A large mountain range that boarders the Helath forest to the North. Because of the size of the range, and the fact that it is rumored to be infested with vicious wild dragons, no one has ever crossed it.
A city west of the Helath forest and bordering the Hodine river. The city is known for the dragon knight school which it houses. Most of the people that live in or around Trevinni support or are connected to the school in some way.
An estate to the east. Thane’s father is the lord over the estate.

Dragon Lore

Louren's Gift
A long time ago there was a boy called Louren, who rescued a dragon that had been rejected by its mother. The dragon was so grateful for what Louren had done that he stayed by his side day and night, protecting him. When Louren grew into a man the dragon would follow him to market where no one dared to cheat him. No thief ever stepped foot on his land. No bandits ever gave him trouble. Louren had a long and successful life. When his hair turned gray and his body started to fail, the dragon gave him a final gift. The dragon spoke Louren’s name and then surrendered his life to Louren. His body restored to its youth, Louren was able to live a second life that was just as plentiful as the first.
Ponti and the Shell he Found in a Dragon's Nest
A long time ago, in a village near the sea, there lived a young boy named Ponti. His father was a fisherman and very poor. To help his family survive, Ponti would often walk the beaches and climb the cliffs in search of things that he could sell for a coin or two.

One day Ponti found a dragons nest. It looked as if the nests owner hand long since abandoned it. And so, assuming that anything left behind was not wanted, he searched the nest. Buried in the far corner he found a very rare sea shell. The money he could get for it would feed his family well for a month. With an empty stomach growling with anticipation, Ponti put the shell under his shirt and returned home.

Some time later, when the money from the shell was spent, and his stomach once more empty. Ponti climbed to the dragon's nest again. This time he found the nest occupied with a beautiful blue dragon. She sat atop three eggs.

The dragon turned to him and asked, "Are you the boy who took my shell?"

Ponti suddenly felt afraid. He stammered out an apology, explaining he had not know that she still lived there. The dragon just laughed at him and said, "No apologies are necessary. It sounds as if your need were greater then mine. Tell me, would you like another?" Ponti eagerly nodded his head. "Then watch my eggs for me tonight. Stay with them and keep them warm. And when I return in the morning I will bring you another shell," The dragon offered, Ponti quickly agreed. So she took flight, leaving Ponti to tend to her un-hatched. Ponti stayed in the cave all night tending a fire and making sure the eggs stayed warm.

In the morning, the dragon did not return. Ponti stood looking out to see, waiting. At midday he climbed down from the nest and returned home. There he gathered up some blankets, a fishing rod and what few things his mother could spare, and returned to the nest. For four days and three more night, Ponti tended the dragon's eggs.

Eventually she returned and rewarded the boy with a shell for each night that he cared for her young. He used the money to buy his father a better fishing boat and the family never went hungry again. But more then that, he and the dragon became friends they taught and helped each other for the rest of their days.
Folgyn's Dragon Song
Deeper than the ocean.

So vast it swallows all.

Beyond repair, torn, broken.

Consuming every breath.

Unquenchable, even by death.




Angie Banguebar
Renick's baby sister. She is two years old and was a surprise addition to the family.
Anngene Banguebar
Renick's mother. She loves having a large family and hopes that all of her child will settle close to her so that she can visit them often.
Arren Hobrin
The dragon knight that Thane is often assigned to work with on dragon knight training exercises and missions.
Dane Banguebar
Dane is Renick's 4th oldest brother, the brother just older then him. He is unmarried and although he has completed an apprenticeship as a smith, does not know what exactly he wants to do with himself. For now he is working as a smith on his fathers dragon ranch.
Grahm Vellentine
Grahm is a retired knight who works for Thane’s father. He is Thane’s escort and mentor. Average hieght, strong but on the slimmer side of builds. He has dark grey hair and a white and grey flecked beard. He has big hands and feet. His nose is very large and squat/smushed looking. His eyes are crystal blue. He has a pointy chin and a narrow face. Grahm is old enough not to have his age mentioned in Trusted. (Honored)
Greyson Banguebar
Renick’s oldest brother. He is married with two small children of his own. Greyson will inherit his father’s dragon ranch and thus is very involved with its running and workings. Greyson is of average height, and has a stocky build. His hair is light brown, wavy and short. He has blue eyes. Greyson looks more like their mother then Renick does.
Gunther Hork
A large, almost fat, hunter who works for Horrin. He is clumsy, has black unkempt hair, and muddy brown eyes.
Horrin Dragonslayer
The head of the dragon hunting expedition that kills Mythaari at the beginning of Trusted. He is one of the best dragon hunters and has survived many fights with his potential prey. He is missing his left eye, the right one is dark brown. His hair is brown when clean. He is strong and tall, a very imposing figure.
James Willingham
The porter at the Dragon Knight Barracks. He find Thane, Lainey and Renick to be very amusing.
Jon Banguebar
Jon is Renick's 3rd oldest brother. He is engaged to be married and works as a dragon tamer on his fathers ranch. Jon wants to set up his own dragon training business some day.
Josie Banguebar
Renick's second to youngest sister. She is seven and follows her older sister Mandy around everywhere.
Lainey Temrick
Lainey is an orphan who is currently the charge of her aunt Melatheen (on her mother’s side). She is 12 years old at the beginning of Trusted. She has straight blonde hair that falls to the middle of her back. Her bright grey eyes are framed by a oval face with slim lips and a pointed noses. Lainey is petite. (Kind)
Lord Krane
The lord of the manor in Trevinni. He has a large estate and sometimes hunts wild dragons for sport.
Loren Banguebar
Renick's uncle, his father's brother, who owns an operates a dragon stable in Trevinni. Renick is going to apprentice with him.
Mandy Banguebar
Renick's younger sister, the one just younger then him. She is ten years old and full of energy, and gives her mother a lot of trouble.
Marrkit Loren
A thin, skinny dragon hunter that resembles a weasel. He works for Horrin.
Melatheen Orthan
Melatheen is a healer that works and lives in Trevinni. She is currently Lainey’s guardian. Tall and slim with long limbs and digits. She has mousy brown hair and brown eyes. Her facial features of small and narrow. Her nose is slightly hocked. Melatheen is of the age where it is no longer polite to mention the exact number.
Milli Mendor
Loren Banguebar's cook. She provides food for Loren, Renick, and all the other people that work at Loren's stables.
Penter Banguebar
Renick’s second oldest brother. He is unmarried and plans to stay on at the ranch when Greyson inherits. He is not currently married much to his mothers dismay. Penter looks almost exactly like Renick except his hair is neater, his eyes are brown, and he is a little better built.
Renick Banguebar
Renick is the seventh child (fifth son) of a dragon breeder. He has four older brothers, three older sister, and three younger sisters. Renick is 14 years old at the beginning of Trusted.His hair is brown, short, and just curly enough to constantly look disheveled. His eyes are round and blue. Many describe him as skinny and lanky although he is of average height. (Trusted)
Roan Banguebar
Renick's father, a dragon rancher. He has always held dragons in great respect, treating them the best he could.
Sir Gregori
Commander of the dragon knights in Trevinni
Sir Oberron
On of the captains of the dragon knights, he is specifically assigned to work with the dragon knight squires and oversees their training.
Thane Shaytorrin
Thane is the second, and youngest son, of the Lord Shay of the Westfields. His hair is black, straight, and on the longer side. His eyes are brown. He has a square jaw and is tall and muscular. Thane is 15 years old at the beginning of Trusted. (Brave)
The Autarch
Horrin's boss and the Dragon Kind's original enemy.

Dragon Kind

Aurora Burningheart
A runt born to two dragons at the Banguebar ranch. Renick rescues Aurora and hand raises her. She later is accepted as one of the dragon kind. She is a golden orange color, like the dawn.
Boren Underwing
Boren is a very large, gray dragon that works in the dragon mines.
Braug Shorttail
A dragon of the second circle he is very much for a war with humans. He is a small blue dragon with an unusually short tail.
Derth Wisescales
Derth is dark blue (almost midnight) with black scales. He is a member of the Second Circle and serves on the dragon council. He is Plyth’s great uncle and Wrytha’s brother.
Flyn Thorntail
Son of Grane Redthorne. He is a striking green on white and serves as a guard in the mines.
Folgyn Darkwing
A rogue dragon, he is completely black with red eyes. He was condemned to working in the mines for breaking the Code of the Dragon King. He escaped during a cave in.
One of the largest dragons still living he has gold scales with yellow-white spikes. He is the head of the Dragon Circle and the only member of the First Circle.
Grane Redthorne
Grane is a red dragon with black spikes. He is a member of the Second Circle. His youngest son serves as a guard in the mines.
Hyngarth Runningclaw
Hyngarth is a brown dragon that has been condemned to working in the mines for breaking the Code of the Dragon Kind. His years spent digging have caused him to be smaller and more slender then most dragons.
Junther Swiftwing
Junther is a red dragon who serves as a guard in the mines.
Litta Brighteyes
A purple dragon with magical tracking abilities.
Mryx Clawmender
Mryx is an orange dragon with white spikes. She is an skilled healer.
Mythaari Swifttail
Mythaari is a gray dragon with gray spikes. She was Plyth’s mother and Wrytha’s daughter. The dragon hunters killed Mythaari at the beginning of Trusted.
Plyth Firetongue
A slate blue dragon with black spikes on his head, neck and tail. His eyes are also black. Plyth is considered to be a baby and is orphaned at the beginning of Trusted.
Rebren Strongbones
A member of the Eleventh Circle, Rebren is a cranky gray dragon that is shorter than usual. He sometimes waits in the Dragon Hall to deliver messages to the Inner Circle.
Wrytha Whitewing
Wrytha is a white dragon with silver spikes and translucent wings. She is Plyth’s maternal grandmother. She is a member of the Seventh Circle.

Domestic Dragons

An adolescent blue dragon housed in Loren's stables. Renick can never remember his name.
A massive (for a domestic dragon) gray with white markings and claws. Housed in Loren's stables.
A small dragon that Renick has become very close too. Housed in Loren's stables.
A green dragon housed in Loren's stables.
Arren's green dragon mount. She has not back or neck spikes (which is unusual) and so Arren has special reins and harnesses made for her.
A red dragon housed in Loren's stables.
A yellow dragon housed in Loren's stables.
An ash colored dragon housed in Loren's stables. He and Renick do not get along because Renick's first task as a dragon hand was to groom Yen and it did not go well.


When a young person studies under an adult to learn their craft. Those who are not first borns, or have a low social status, usually must complete an apprenticeship in order to have a craft that they can use to support themselves.
A box or building where dragon breeders keep the dragons that have clutches of eggs. The mother dragons are brought into the brooder to lay their eggs and remain there until the eggs hatch.
Burn Salve
A medicine made with burn wort that is used to help burns heal faster.
Burn Wort
A plant that grows in wet places, for example near rivers and streams, that is used to make a burn salve.
(For example the third or seventh circle.) An organizational unit in the Dragon Kind’s government. The inner, or first, circle is the highest. The first three circles compose the dragon council which makes most of the governing decisions for dragons. All dragons belong to one circle or another.
Code of the Dragon Kind
The laws by which the Dragon Kind live. The code is long and complicated, it is the inner circles responsibility to ensure that the code is up held by all Dragon Kind and that those who violate it are punished appropriately.
Dragon Breeder
Someone who breeds dragon usually on a dragon ranch.
Dragon Flyer
Also a "Flyer." A flying contraption pulled by a dragon. The dragon is connected to a passenger basket by cables called tow lines. Roughly one third of the way between the dragon and the passenger basket sits the handler in an area called the perch. The handler controls the dragon using leather cords called reins. Passengers, luggage, cargo and the kiter ride in the passenger basket. The sails, called the kite, are connected to the passenger basket by cables called the kite lines. The kiter uses ropes called the rigging to control the kite. The kiter usually stands near the front of the passenger basket facing backwards. The kiter and the handler communicate with each other using a series of shortcut commands that usually consist of a single sound. Together the dragon, kiter, and handler are called a team.
A dragon hand is like a stable boy for dragons. They assist dragon grooms and the stable owner in caring for the dragons housed there.
Dragon Hunter
A person who hunts wild dragons. They also lead safaris for the rich and influential to going hunting for dragons.
Dragon Kind
The "wise" or intelligent dragons term for themselves. The Dragon Kind are thought to just be wild dragons by the human.
Dragon Knight
A knight who has acquired special training to ride on and utilize dragons during battle. Only the wealth and influential have the means to become dragon knights (or send their children to train as dragon knights).
Dragon Knight Squire
A dragon knight in training.
Dragon Lanterns
Paper lanterns in the shape of a circle and usually red in color. Used for special celebrations. Also could refer to the lighted orbs the dragons use in caves and tunnels.
Dragon Mines
The "mines" are a series of long tunnels under the dragon city. They were originally formed to mine precious metals and stones from the mountain to trade with men. However, in recent years there has been a movement to dig a tunnel under the mountains and the Helath forest in order to provide a way for dragons to approach human villages without being seen.
When a human is assigned a name, usually by a very young dragon. This name usually consists of the persons given name and a word that describes how the dragon perceives the person.
Dragon Ranch
A place where dragons are breed, raised, trained, and sold. Usually they have a lot of land and are a little ways off from the closets village. Successful dragon breeders can be moderately wealthy.
Dragon Song
The distinctive call of a dragon. Each one is unique and some humans have learned to identify the song of dragons they work closely with. According to dragon lore – a dragons song embodies the pedigree and personality of the dragon.
Dragon Speak
What Renick, Thane and Lainey call the ability to speak with the Dragon Kind or each other in through their minds.
(Specifically in a dragon’s wing.) The joint near the center of the wing that allows the wing to fold.
An individual that handles a dragon. For example, on a dragon flyer team this individual directs or "drives" the dragon.
Healers usually tend to both humans and dragons alike. Those who specialize in dragons a lone are known as dragon healers. Those who deal only with humans are usually called doctors of physicians.
Healer’s Pouch
All healers carry a pouch that contains herbs and other necessities for treating wounds and applying their healer’s craft. Even trainee or apprentice healers carry one.
A person of status, meaning they either a land lord (own land that they rent to others to farm) – or they hold a title.
A special breed of dog used specifically for hunting. Mostly only the wealthy can afford to buy and keep them.
Inner Circle
The highest circle in the Dragon Kind’s government. They make the final decisions on anything that affects all of dragon kind.
The individual of a dragon flyer team that controls the kite.
Humans who are honored by being added to a dragon circle were magically marked to identify them as such. This was so that all Dragon Kind would know that they had been accepted into a circle and were to be treated as equals among the dragons.
Mountain Bred
(Or mountain breed) A classification of dragon. Mountain bred dragons are very good flyers but not have difficulty moving around on flat ground. They are also excellent climbers and have a thick hide. Their horns curl at the ends and males have a thagomizer, females do not.
A dragon hatchling that is rejected by its mother, usually because of a deformity.
Radius Bone
(Specifically a dragon’s bone.) The bone just below the elbow of a dragons wings.
Rogue Dragon
A dragon that has either escaped from its owner (domestic) or is not following the laws of the Dragon Kind.
A letter of the ancient dragon language.
A construction of sticks or pole used to cook meat (especially whole animals) over a fire. Consisting of two fork support sticks placed on either side of the fire pit and a roasting stick that is laid between them. The spit can be turned to allow for even cooking.
When a dragon or human has their name officially spoken in the Dragon Hall. The speaking of the name is infused with magic and a stone appears on the walls of the Dragon Hall in its proper place in one of the circles.
When a dragon (or human) has broken the Code of the Dragon Kind and the offense is bad enough, their name is stricken from the dragon hall.
The clump of spikes at the end of a dragons tail. What gender has, or does not have a thagomizer varies between the different varieties of dragons.
Trusted Circle
A special circle consisting of one or more dragons, and one or more humans. This circle was for humans that were deemed most trustworthy by the dragons and it was a way of honoring them.
Way Station
A clearing, building, or other dedicated location on a dragon flyer route. Designed as a safe place for the flyer to land and give dragons and passengers alike a rest. Usually only used on long journeys. Before when flyers and other dragon vehicles were heavier and more cumbersome – there were more way stations. However, new advances in the constructions of these crafts has lessened the need for them.
Wild Dragon
Dragon’s that have not been domesticated. They mostly live in uninhabited regions like the Helath forest and Thormic mountains.
The highest point on on horse, or a dragon that is down on all fours.
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